Purpose & Life's Work

A Nutty History

Our vision is to be the country's number one preference for native snacks and the leading exporter of Filipino delicacies by offering not just only a wide range of outstanding products because of the distinct Filipino taste.

We want to earn the reputation as the "snacks of choice" for families in the Philippines and abroad — to be found in every Filipino's home in every corner of the world

Passion in a Jar

We aspire to provide all our customers a unique experience of nostalgia, giving them a taste of home as they indulge in our world-class native Filipino delicacies. We make sure that the quality of our products are nothing less than superb, making every Filipino proud of his roots.

Guided by the company's core values, we go headstrong into this endless quest to deliver to Filipinos and Filipinos-at-heart the perfect blend of flavors that will satisfy their palate of taste.