Meet the Family of Treats

  • Going Bananas for Banana Chips Banana Chips
  • A Crisp You'll Go Nuts For Crispy Pili Nuts
  • A Toast for the Perfect Roast Cashew Nuts
  • Pili Britlle
  • Salted Pili Nuts
  • Sugar Coated Pili

A delightful indulgence that gives nothing but pure pleasure for your taste buds. Our well-loved tropical produces are known outside of the country for their delicious and luscious taste. The ingredients we use for our products come from provinces that specialize in harvesting only the freshest and most flavorful Pili Nuts, Cashew Nuts, and Bananas. They are all manufactured by our production, which strictly implements quality control procedures to provide only the best, succulent and mouthwatering native products.