Joe & Susan Food Products, the DECLARANT, is the sole and exclusive manufacturer and distributor of its food products, including "Jovy's Banana Chips".

The Declarant is the duly-registered owner of the trademark Jovy's Banana Chips in the Philippines.

To avoid confusion and infringement of the business and its trademark, the Declarant hereby executes this Declaration.

For and in consideration of the above premises, the Declarant hereby states that:

  1. All products and items sold under the trade name "Joe & Susan Food Products" and its trademark "Jovy's Banana Chips" are made in and originate from the Philippines. The Declarant is the sole and exclusive manufacturer and distributor of these products including Jovy's Banana Chips.

  2. The Declarant is the duly registered owner of the trade name "Joe & Susan Food Products" and the trademark "Jovy's Banana Chips" in the Philippines before the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry and the Intellectual Property Office.

  3. The Declarant has not entered into any "exclusive" distributorship agreement as regards Jovy's Banana Chips or any of its food products with any person, entity or company within or outside of the Philippines, including South Korea. Any supposed exclusive distributorship agreement which does not include the Declarant as one of the parties thereto does not bind the Declarant whatsoever. Such alleged exclusive distributorship agreement shall not have any effect upon the sale and distribution of Declarant's products, including Jovy's Banana Chips, anywhere in the world.

  4. The Declarant has not authorized any person, entity or company to register the trademark "Jovy's Banana Chips" outside of the Philippines; or to set up any website, create a social networking account, or advertise in any medium to the effect that such person or entity owns the business or the trademark, or make it appear in any way that it is the Declarant’s exclusive distributor.

  5. Any person, entity or company who shall be discovered to have registered the aforesaid trademark "Jovy's Banana Chips" or makes it appear that it is the sole distributor of the Declarant's products shall be held accountable to the full extent of the law.