Humble Beginnings

A Nutty History

Joe & Susan Food Products is the pioneer in producing premium tropical delicacies in the country. It started in 1982 when Mr. Jose Camposano, a genuine Bicolano, together with his wife, Susan, started whipping up delectable recipes for pili and eventually thought of making it a business. A great opportunity came when ShoeMart opened its doors in distributing goods to various tenants, entrepreneurs and consignors. Hence without thinking twice, Jose and Susan launched its flagship brand and named it, JOVY'S® Banana Chips — inspired by their first-born child, Jovy. Afterwards, they got feedback from an avid shopper and requested the business to venture into supplying more recipes for pili, which gave way to JOVY'S® Crispy Pili and JOVY'S® Pili Brittle.

JOVY'S Beginnings

Armed with the right amount of passion, knowledge and dedication, Mr. Camposano started experimenting on various nut products, manufacturing methods, and food formulations. In 1984, he introduced JOVY'S® Cashew Nuts in the market. Two pili products, JOVY'S® Salted Pili and JOVY'S® Sugar Coated Pili, were also launched during the latter part of that same year.

Joe & Susan Food Products has become one of the most respected companies in its industry today, gaining recognition for its succulent and luscious native treats. The business is in constant search for innovative methods in strengthening its craft and in providing more for the snacks industry.